Tyvek®, A Strong Barrier against any Contamination

" <center>“I would recommend/have already recommended DuPont products because of my long and happy experience with DuPont.” </center> "

<center>Satish Kumar <br> Deputy Manager, Biocon Biologics, India</center>



  • I am currently working as a Deputy Manager at Biocon Biologics, a global organization dealing with the production of biologically activated medicines.
  • The quality of DuPont products is supreme, and their service support is commendable.
  • I have been in the healthcare and biotechnology industry for a long time now.


In the healthcare and biotechnology industry, contamination of manufactured products can render them unfit for consumption and thereby, result in great losses to the company. Our manufacturing units require the best-in-class outer cover for sterilized products. Any kind of contamination can compromise the quality of our products.



The DuPont product used most is Tyvek® sheets as the outer cover for sterilized products. It has protected our products from any contamination. We have been using DuPont products for years now, and there haven’t been any complaints to date.

When our firm decided to open up new manufacturing plants in India, I ensured that DuPont products were used in all plants.

DuPont has protected me in my journey in the healthcare and biotechnology industry, time and again. Thank you, DuPont Personal Protection.