Strong, durable, and the best in quality - Tyvek® PPE

" <center>“Tyvek® has been a boon, not only to my work but also to my family. ”</center> "

<center>Himanshu Patel<br>Quality Assurance, Meril Life Sciences</center>



  • I joined the Quality Assurance department of Meril Life Sciences, a global medical devices manufacturer and healthcare solutions company.
  • The safety and quality retainment of the product is of utmost importance.
  • The strength and durability of Tyvek® rolls allow us to ship our products with absolute confidence.


The majority of what I do deals with manufacturing and distributing devices related to the medical industry. As a part of the Quality Assurance team, I have to ensure that there is no contamination of our sterilized products due to wear and tear. We have to ensure that our products are covered and protected by only the best protective material.



My connection with Tyvek® began around five years ago when I joined Meril Life Sciences. As a part of the Quality Assurance team, I can vouch for Tyvek® PPE. Additionally, as we deliver a range of sterilized products, there have been no complaints regarding the tear or break of seals of our products. I have been in this field for about five years now, and Tyvek® is the best quality PPE that I have come across.

The ongoing pandemic has been devastating. The isolation during such challenging times has taken a toll on us. My father contracted the virus last year and was admitted to the hospital. All of us were anxious, and to top it, we weren’t allowed to meet him in any way. Twenty days had passed like this, and now I had to meet my father.

At such a crucial juncture, Tyvek® PPE kits came to my rescue. My experience with Tyvek® PPE Kits gave me the confidence to enter the ward confidently. My visit was a big morale boost for my father. Thank you, Tyvek® PPE, for making it possible.