For organizations, protecting frontline workers against occupational hazards offers a safe work environment, reduces risk exposure, and improves productivity. DuPont provides a wide range of superior Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions that focus on safety, performance, and comfort for workers to face workplace hazards confidently.


The PPE product selection process could be cumbersome and time-consuming. DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ is an interactive tool that provides the data you need to help make informed decisions about Tyvek®, Tychem®, Nomex®, and Kevlar® protective garments.


  1. To start the search and discovery process, visit, and choose the Hazard or Industry or the Guide or My Scenarios from the top navigation bar.

  2. If you start by choosing the industry, DuPont Solutions for your sector will be displayed. You may also choose from the list of relevant tasks as well.

  3. Next, choose your hazard and exposure scenario and click on VIEW MATCHED PRODUCTS for a list of matching PPE products, their product code, image, description details, and product count. You can further,

    • Select your product of interest from the list, e.g., TYVEK® 400, TYVEK® 600 PLUS, or;

    • REFINE YOUR SEARCH based on the product category, design, type, NFPA certification, or EPA/OSHA classification.

    • If you want to understand the difference between models, you can COMPARE the selected PPE garments to determine the best suites option. 

    • You can SAVE and PRINT your SCENARIO with the SCENARIO TITLE for up to 90 days.

  4. In the section right below the product description, you will find RELEVANT PRODUCTS that you may find helpful along with your selection.

  5. You can DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Technical Datasheets for detailed product information, features, attributes, size table, physical properties, performance, and other technical parameters.

  6. And when you are ready, you can reach out to us simply by clicking on WHERE TO BUY.


From FR apparel to protective coveralls, SafeSpec™ is your tool for finding the right protection you need for toughest jobs.

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