Innovation for the Automotive Industry

With more than three billion vehicles on the road in the near future, mobility, emissions, fuel economy, and safety are critical. We invite you to collaborate with our global team to find science-driven, sustainable solutions.

Choosing the right material is crucial to balancing the need to design low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising performance, comfort or cost. With more than 100 high-performance product families and technologies and a global network of development experts, DuPont helps the automotive industry deliver efficient vehicles and elevate the driving experience.

We are focused on developing innovative solutions for the automotive industry across eight automotive themes: Sustainability; Alternative Drive; Lightweighting; Improved Performance; Powertrain Efficiency; Total System Cost; Safety; and Comfort and Design. Together we can find the right solutions and build cleaner, energy-efficient cars that people love to drive.


  • Driven by Science

    DuPont scientists are developing sustainable technologies that help improve safety, boost performance, lower costs, and enable new auto design freedom.

  • Sustainable Mobility Solutions

    We're working with our auto industry collaborators to smooth the transitions to alternative power sources and new regulations with innovative sustainable mobility solutions.

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    Alternative Drive Vehicles

    DuPont science is improving today's hybrid and electric vehicles helping develop the fuel-cell powered vehicles of tomorrow.

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    Vehicle Weight Reduction

    DuPont is helping fulfill the promise of engine lightweighting with innovative, non-metal materials that can stand up to today's vehicle requirements.

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    High-Performance Materials

    DuPont is developing high performance materials that can take the heat and still deliver against ever-more-demanding vehicle requirements.

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    Vehicle Design

    DuPont gives auto engineers solutions that help liberate design, including noise reduction, textile, and air conditioning technologies.

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    Vehicle Safety

    DuPont vehicle safety solutions are helping protect people across the vehicle value chain, from improved worker safety to better airbags and tougher automotive glass.

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    Car Manufacturing Costs

    DuPont is helping automakers manage car manufacturing costs through a global systems approach that improves performance, productivity and efficiency, and often integrates components and functions.

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    Engine Efficiency for Lower C02

    DuPont scientists are working with the auto industry to help optimize engine efficiency with solutions for heat and friction management, C02 reuse, innovative new turbocharger technology and more.

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