Our purpose — to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive — is our commitment to society. Our passion and proven expertise in science and innovation enables us to partner with customers to create sustainable solutions for the complex challenges facing our world now and into the future.


Innovate for good 

Innovate for good is our commitment to use our talent, resources, and innovation expertise to work on meaningful and valuable societal challenges. As an innovation company, the greatest positive impact we have on the world and for our global customers is through our products and applications, our innovation handprint, while we also work to minimize our environmental footprint. We focus our sustainable innovation in four key impact areas to address the world’s most pressing challenges: climate action, enabling a more circular economy, creating products that are safe and sustainable by design, and advancing water stewardship.

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Protect people and the planet

Protecting the planet from the challenges of climate change, protecting and preserving our natural resources, and keeping our employees and communities safe are critical to a sustainable future for all. DuPont has a long-held commitment to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers, and communities while protecting the planet.

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Empower people to thrive

The empower pillar of our sustainability strategy addresses our needs as individuals and collective global communities for health, well-being, purpose, opportunity, equity, and connection. Engaged employees are the heart of our sustainability efforts and their contributions in an inclusive environment is what powers our results and impact. Colleagues have the opportunity to make a difference, grow professionally and work in an environment where they can be at their best. We pursue initiatives that enhance the health and well-being of our employees, communities, and the world around us. We encourage active participation in the communities we work through key partnerships, collaboration with non-profit organizations, skills-based volunteering, and board service.

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