Zytel® LCPA resin

A Flexible Polymer Combining Heat, Chemical, Hydrolysis Resistance

Zytel® LCPA combines outstanding heat resistance with chemical and hydrolysis resistance, in standard and renewably sourced (RS) grades.

DuPontTM Zytel® LCPA flexible polymer materials provide an innovative and growing portfolio of long-chain polyamides with excellent thermal, chemical, and hydrolysis resistance.

The various grades of Zytel® LCPA target specific performance characteristics, from high temperature resistance to stiffness to lower permeability to fuel and gases, and also include a growing selection of renewably sourced grades.

Range of Performance Properties

The Zytel® LCPA family includes a growing range of grades designed to have properties that help customers meet their application requirements.

  • PA1010, with properties typical of flexible polyamides, high temperature resistance and lower permeability to fuel and gases.
  • PA610 and PA612, with higher temperature resistance and mechanical properties are available in high stiffness and high strength with glass-reinforced grades.

The Latest DuPont Zytel® LCPA Series’

With science-driven innovation, DuPont has chemically modified PA610 and PA612 products and expanded the portfolio with two new series of polymers.

Zytel® RSLC 4000 and Zytel® LC 7000 offer a step change improvement over existing grades of Zytel® Long Chain Polyamides (LCPA) in meeting customer needs such as better salt resistance and flexibility.   They have been used successfully in commercial applications like air brake tubes, fuel lines and industrial hose and tube.

The expanded portfolio provides:

  • Chemical resistance and ZnCl/CaCl stress cracking resistance that is more comparable to PA11/PA12 and better than toughened, plasticized PA612 & PA610.
  • Consistent supply of raw materials from multiple sources, including up to 63% renewable content in the RS grades of PA610 and PA1010.
  • Similar properties/functionality as PA12
  • Excellent yield stress/stiffness balance, better than PA11/12.
  • Blow molding compatible

Renewably Sourced Choices

In addition, the Zytel® LCPA line includes one of the industry’s widest lines of innovative, renewably sourced (RS) materials. Partially or entirely derived from non-food biomass (20-100%), the RSLC grades provide performance properties that can help customers make product decisions that result in the reduced use of fossil fuels in polymer feedstock practical, even in demanding applications.