Elvamide® nylon multipolymer resins

Elvamide® Combines Toughness, Versatility and Ease of Processing

Elvamide® resins offer excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile strength, but are softer and more flexible than conventional nylons.

DuPontTM Elvamide® nylon multipolymer resins are thermoplastic polyamides that combine the inherent toughness of nylon with ease of processing in solvents and melt systems. Elvamide® resins offer excellent adhesion to nylon yarn, and thread bonding properties which can allow for higher sewing rates and less downtime.

Elvamide® is alcohol-soluble, and easy to use in applications for multi- and monocord bonding. Its bonding qualities provide greater abrasion resistance, for heavy sewing applications. The high melting point of the resins in the Elvamide® family also prevents “gumming up” at elevated needle temperatures in high-speed sewing.

Only 4% to 10% Elvamide® is required for excellent bonding, making it economical to use. The resin’s consistent performance supports efficient manufacturing processes.