Biodiesel Tubing

Fuel, vent tubing and quick connects are commercial in Zytel® RS, a bio-based PA610

DuPont was the first company to commercialize a PA1010 polymer for the automotive market. Zytel® RSLC 1610 is a PA1010 specifically formulated to provide better thermal properties and chemical resistance to biodiesel fuel, compared with the materials it replaced.

It won the SPE 2011 award for “Most Innovative New Polymer for the Environment.” It is a renewably sourced biopolymer, and its use helps to facilitate biodiesel use by providing better chemical resistance.

Similar grades are used for air-brake tubing, hydraulic tubing, gasoline fuel lines, corrugated fuel tubing.

Zytel® RS PA610 and PA612 Fuel Line Tubing

Utilizing new technology from DuPont to improve flexibility, and stress crack and chemical resistance, PA610 and PA612 are commercially used in fuel line applications where these products meet  stringent performance requirements in automotive. These specially formulated grades provide more cost-effective alternatives to materials that have been traditionally used. Zytel® RS is also available in glass-reinforced grades for quick connects.

Cost Effective Materials for Air Brake Tubing

Zytel® PA1010, PA612 and Hytrel® TPC-ET are commercially used in all major regions of the world,  subject to a variety of global performance requirements, such as SAE J844 and ISO 7628.  Air brake tubing is one of the more demanding pneumatic tube applications, due to the long-life considerations and performance needs, such as high pressure, temperature, aggressive chemical and impact resistance.