Kalrez® Seals for Semiconductor Processing

Semiconductor Processing Seals For Field-Proven Contamination Control

Purity is critical to high wafer yield, and Kalrez® seals are designed with properties that help reduce contamination from particulates, outgassing and extractables.

Semiconductor Processing Seals

Kalrez® seals for semiconductor processing are field-proven in the manufacture of semiconductor chips.

They can help extend planned maintenance intervals, and thereby lower long-term cost of ownership, in a wide range of semiconductor processes. In a number of fabrication customer evaluations, Kalrez®seals exhibited improved mechanical strength, lower particle generation and longer seal life versus competitive perfluoroelastomers, in both static and dynamic sealing applications.   

Operations Improvements

Kalrez® seals can help improve semiconductor manufacturing in a range of wafer-fabricating operations, including:

  • Deposition
  • Etch
  • Ash/strip
  • Thermal
  • Wet

Better Performance for Spansion

Spansion, the largest provider of flash memory solutions, turned to DuPont for material options that would produce longer seal life with reduced particle generation. High particle count and leaks from seal erosion and compression set caused seal issues in multiple processes. Kalrez® 9100 parts exhibited significantly less seal erosion, reduced particle generation, and provided better elastic recovery characteristics. View Spansion Semiconductor O-rings Case Study

A Proven Leader

When IMEC tested Kalrez® 9100 seals versus incumbent seals in an isolation valve and top nozzle position, the 9100 seals appeared undamaged and exhibited no sign of cracking after 5000 cycles.

These results inspired the international research center IMEC in Belgium to change the perfluoroelastomer seals on all positions to Kalrez® 9100 seals. View IMEC Case Study

Latest Product Offering Targeted for Semicon Fabrication

The latest perfluoroelastomer offering from DuPont, Kalrez® 9600 provides longer seal life by offering enhanced performance properties in an array of aggressive and emerging high-temperature plasma applications.

Kalrez® 9600 is an innovative product for the semiconductor fabricating industry and builds on the performance of the market leaders, Kalrez® 9100 and Kalrez® 9500. It offers lower defectivity and longer seal life with better sealing functionality at higher temperatures in vacuum plasma processes.

Targeted applications for Kalrez® 9600 include those especially suited to plasma deposition applications such as atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition, as well as etch processes used to fabricate next-gen chips in the semiconductor industry.


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