Vespel® ASB Assemblies

DuPont™ Vespel® ASB Assemblies

Vespel® ASB assemblies include fastening/bonding composites or carbon-graphites to supporting metallic structures or overmolding/insert molding one material with another material, such as a thermoplastic.

Such integration capabilities provide an expanded set of possibilities to help solve challenges.

ASB-0664, ASB-0670                                                                              

Track liners and wear strips comprised of composite liners bonded to metal retainers for high load applications

ASB-0826 & ASB-3000

Higher thermal capability than ASB-0664 and ASB 0670. Intended for self-lubricating bushings that require high load capacity.


Carbon-graphite, metal-backed assemblies used in applications where polymeric composites are not suitable due to thermal limitations.  The metal backing provides ease of assembly while the carbon-graphite liners provide the self-lubrication and low wear at temperatures up to  675°C (1250°F) in oxidative environments.

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