Chemical Resistance Guide Offline Instructions

To use the Chemical Resistance Guide (CRG) Offline, please follow the following instructions. 
You must go to the CRG online at least one time using one of the following browsers or mobile OS that support offline caching. (More browsers than the ones below will work online. These browsers support offline use.)

• Google Chrome 4+
• Firefox 3.5+
• Safari 4+
• Internet Explorer 10+
• Opera 10.6+
• iOS Safari  3.2+
• Android 2.1+
• Opera Mobile 11.5+

1. Open one of the above supported browsers.
2. Make sure cookies are enabled in your selected browser.
3. Go to the CRG and register if you have not done so yet.
4. An email will be sent with a link. (If you do not get an email, check your SPAM folder.)
5. Click on the link and the CRG will open in your default browser.  (Make sure it is one of the supported browsers above.) If you want to use a different browser, copy emailed CRG link into your chosen browser and enter.
6. You are directed to the CRG.
7. Once you are in the online CRG, bookmark the page. (Follow your smartphone’s instructions on adding the CRG icon to your home page for offline use. Smartphones use a “lite” version of the CRG.)
8. Go offline and access the bookmark to use the CRG offline.