Automotive Air Ducts and Turbocharger Hoses

Increasing Performance in Automotive Air Ducts and Turbocharger Hoses

DuPont™ Hytrel®, Zytel®, Vamac® and Viton® for Strength, Durability and Resistance in Automotive Air Ducts and Turbocharger Hoses

Viton® for Automotive Fuel Systems

The DuPont line of elastomers and plastics, including of Hytrel®, Vamac®, Viton® and Zytel®, provide the superior performance and durability required for demanding ducting, sealing and hose applications.

In the Automotive Industry globally, there is an increased desire for greater fuel economy, higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. The trend to smaller, more fuel efficient and higher performing engines owes a great deal to turbo- charging. Increases in engine power and performance result in engines that generate more heat and involve more aggressive gases and chemicals, often under high pressure. Specific grades of Hytrel®, Vamac®, Viton® and Zytel® for use in air management systems, such as air ducts, turbo charger hoses and seals, are able to withstand the high mechanical stresses, extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical environments required over the lifetime of a vehicle. In addition, they can lower weight by 50 percent and reduce costs by 20 percent compared to metal counterparts, while providing superior mechanical properties and outstanding heat and fluid aging resistance.

Automotive Air Ducts

Air ducts operate in hot and stressful environments that involve pressure, engine oil and blow-by-gases. These conditions can induce rapid heat aging in all but the highest performing plastic materials. Depending on product requirements, specific grades of Hytrel® and Zytel® for air ducts deliver optimum results in terms of performance and processability.

Using a specially-modified grade of Hytrel®, an innovative two-component air duct was developed, the first solution of its kind using a single. Reducing the part to only two components resulted in lower weight and more efficient production and assembly, providing significant cost savings. Hytrel® combines excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures with high elasticity and long-term resistance to hydrocarbons and other chemicals.

Zytel® PLUS nylon resins help reduce weight and cost in hot-side air ducts, while maintaining excellent performance levels much longer than traditional nylon despite exposure to hot oil, hot air,  other aggressive automotive chemicals and even exposure to road salts like calcium chloride.

Turbocharger Hoses

Turbocharged diesel engines expose hoses to temperatures above 165°C and up to 220°C and pressures of 2.5 bars. Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers and Viton® fluoroelastomers offer the ideal temperature profiles and chemical resistant properties for turbocharger hoses.

Enhanced grades of Vamac® boast higher heat resistance, better low temperature flexibility, higher flex fatigue resistance, improved oil, fuel, and acid resistance as well as reduced total processing costs.

Hoses made of Vamac® are less expensive than silicone counterparts, and they have fewer joints, reducing the potential for leak paths.

For hose seals, Viton® is able to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 230°C in aggressive oils and highly concentrated acid environments for a vehicle’s lifetime.

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