Environmental Communication

Clear communications

Environmental Communication: Renewably Sourced Plastic Guides

DuPont Performance Polymers is committed to setting clear expectations and guidelines for the content in communications that convey the environmental benefits of renewably sourced plastics, which can  help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of renewably sourced plastics.

We offer the industry’s largest line of biopolymers, made with feedstock containing 20-100% renewably sourced content from  plant-based sources, such as biomass. We’re also actively engaged in collaborating with governments, non-governmental organizations and other companies to help set shared, meaningful guidelines for communicating environmental benefit and production criteria/considerations.

Sustainable Vocabulary

Arriving at a common vocabulary for sustainability is no small undertaking. For example, DuPont believes meaningful change depends on good information, not “feel good” claims. When discussing our renewably sourced polymer portfolio, we define the percentage that is renewably sourced, and also the type of biomass used, for each DuPont biopolymer.

One key leader in setting guidelines for the industry is European Bioplastics, a non-profit industry group. DuPont is an active participant in the group, and participated inthe drafting of its most recent recommendations for transparency in communications, found in the Environmental Communications Guide, “Accountability is Key,” published in 2012.

Read Accountability is Key

Meeting Global Challenges

As a company, DuPont is committed to inclusive innovation. By working together, with more people in more places than ever before, we can find new and better ways to solve global challenges and provide for the food, energy, and protection needs of the world’s growing population.

As a business, DuPont Performance Polymers is continuing to focus on decreasing the use of fossil fuels by developing and defining sustainable alternatives across our brands and businesses worldwide.