Vehicle Armour

Vehicle Armour– The Same Trusted Kevlar® Fibre Performance

The same properties that make DuPont™ Kevlar® a trusted fibre for use in personal body armour helps make it a natural choice for vehicle armour systems.

Military and police forces count on their training and equipment when completing a mission. That’s where spall liners, metal backing, stand alone protection, spall blankets and RPG nets made of DuPont™ Kevlar® come in. Vehicle armour systems made of Kevlar® brand fibre are among the lightest, most durable, reliable, flame-resistant, heat-resistant and high-value choice for tactical and combat vehicles, ships, airplanes, and helicopters.

Kevlar® fibre does not melt or shrink when exposed to extreme heat and flame and is extremely resistant to cuts. Ballistic panels made of Kevlar® fibre perform well over a broad range of environmental conditions and maintain ballistic performance after years of service.

Vehicle armour made using Kevlar® fibre helps provide better protection at a lower weight. In addition, it helps to:

  • Reduce weight, allowing for reduced fuel consumption, higher payloads, and increased maneuverability
  • Allow for a thinner, lighter armour system
  • Meet NAVSEA requirements for flame, smoke, and toxicity and will neither act as a fuel source nor sustain combustion
  • Offer excellent thermal stability and can be used continuously at temperatures above 120°C without loss of performance
  • Maintain ballistic performance after years of service


MRAP vehicles

MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, play a vital role in military ballistic protection in hostile territories. MRAP vehicles with Kevlar® technology are used extensively in major war theatres around the globe.
Panels made of Kevlar® brand fibres are used in all but one variant of the MRAP. Kevlar® is used in spall liners in MRAP vehicles to help increase crew survivability from IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and EFP (Explosive Formed Penetrator) threats.

Spall liners

Spall liners are composite panels made of Kevlar® fibre that are mounted to the inside of the shell structure of armoured vehicles. They help protect crews by catching spall fragments of the outer shell, which are blown into the vehicle by the concussion of incoming ordnance, before they can make contact. Used alone or in combination with metals or ceramics, Kevlar® spall liners help to increase crew survivability in combat.
Spall liners made of Kevlar® do not melt or shrink when exposed to extreme heat and flame, and only carbonise at very high temperatures (approximately 480ºC in air). They are also extremely resistant to cuts. Spall liners made of DuPontTM Kevlar® help protect crews from spall generated by threats like RPGs and EFPs, and also provide self-extinguishing properties should the inside of a vehicle become engulfed in flames after a hit. Composites of Kevlar® and other materials are also used to help protect aircraft and helicopter crews from ballistic threats up to 50 calibre machine guns.

RPG nets

RPG nets made of Kevlar® fibre are currently being fielded, and will help save thousands of kilos compared to conventional RPG armour.



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