Nomex® With High-Visibility Properties

Being protected is also about being seen

There is an increasing demand from industrial workers and contractors operating in high risk areas to wear an EN471 (high visibility) compliant garment that has the additional benefits of heat and flame protection.

The risks of fire and/or electric arc combined with a need of high visibility are typically found in the chemical and petrochemical industries and in work such as maintenance of rail track and overhead power lines or airplane refuelling at airports.

Using the world renowned Nomex® fibre, DuPont has developed a yellow high visibility blended solution called Nomex® ProVis: this fabric offers inherent protection from heat and flame, from molten metal splashes, and from heat of an electric arc; it is anti-static and performs in environments where high day light visibility is required.

Nomex® ProVis is based on an engineered blend solution manufactured with a DuPont proprietary spinning technology. The special construction of Nomex® ProVis fabric provides equivalent thermal and physical properties to Nomex® Comfort fabrics, in combination with the additional requirements for EN471 high day light visibility yellow.