Nomex® Arc Flash Protection

Electrical Hazards vs. Arc Flash Protection from DuPont

Arc flash is a potentially lethal hazard that some professionals face every day. Garments made of DuPont™ Nomex® fibre help companies protect their employees – and their business – effectively.

An electric arc is a continuous electric discharge of high current between conductors, generating very bright light and intensive heat. The arc blast presents a very serious hazard (potentially fatal) because of the risk of severe burn injuries caused by intensive heat.

DuPont™ Nomex®  fibre is inherently flame-resistant, will not melt or drip, and does not support combustion in the air, thus providing excellent arc flash protection. And because the protection is woven right into Nomex® garments, it cannot wear off of wash out over time.

When exposed to the intense heat typical of electric arc, Nomex® fibre carbonises and thickens. This increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer’s skin and helps minimise burn injury.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we continue to develop and improve the arc flash protective properties of Nomex® fabrics. At our European Technical Centre in Switzerland, the DuPont™ Arc-Man® test simulates electric arc incidents in a controlled environment. This enables manufacturers to assess and compare the performance of their different fabrics and garments under highly demanding conditions.   

To reinforce the work that DuPont is doing in the field of electric arc flash protection, a team of experts, including DuPont Engineering Technology, DuPont Personal Protection, and external independent experts, has developed the DuPont™ Arc-Guide. This innovative approach helps companies understand, assess and reduce the severities and consequences of electrical arc hazards.



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