Nomex® Fabric for Military & Police

Nomex® Fabric—Proven Protection for Military and Police

For police officers and military personnel, reporting for duty can mean exposure to many threats, including flash fires and explosions. Nomex® fabric helps provide uniforms with proven protection against intense heat and flames.

DuPont™ Nomex® fiber helps military and police uniforms save the lives of those who protect our way of life when they encounter exploding munitions, fire bombs, flash fires, electrical arcs and other sources of intense heat and flames.

What makes Nomex® fabric unique?  Nomex® is a revolutionary, heat- and flame-resistant fiber that reacts in a crisis.  When exposed to extreme heat, Nomex® undergoes a special reaction, changing its properties to capture more energy in the fabric, giving the wearer valuable extra seconds of protection from heat transfer. 

This heat and flame resistance is built into the Nomex® fiber—it can’t be washed out or worn away.  What’s more, Nomex® won’t melt, drip or support combustion.

Nomex® fabric also plays a key role in helping military and police uniforms more comfortable to wear. It features the lowest possible weight at the highest level of protection; breathability for reduced heat stress; the ability to effectively wick away moisture; and durability to perform in a wide range of conditions.