DuPont™ Nomex® Label Program

The Nomex® Label Program assists European customers in identification and providing a quality mark from reputable suppliers they can trust to offer products with Nomex®.

The Nomex® Quality Assurance:

Labelled garments of Nomex® are produced according to high technical standards using fabrics tested by DuPont and have become an integral part of helping keep people in Europe protected at work.

In order to qualify for certification by DuPont, fabrics have to undergo rigorous tests to prove performance that is beyond the norm criteria levels. Certified fabrics of Nomex® are visible to the end user through the distinctive seam label sewn on the exterior of the garment:

Nomex® label

Nomex® Partner label

As fabric construction and garment design play an important role in safety, DuPont works in close collaboration with carefully selected European Partners – under the DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program – to help them deliver highest quality Nomex® solutions and maximum protection.

This quality, together with the high standard of customer oriented service, are represented by the Nomex® Partner label displayed inside their garments.