FEU Conference Round Up

DPT_EU_Nomex_FEU Conference

Nottinghamshire’s Chief Fire Officer Frank Swann
“A great deal of positive work has already been done since the FEU’s formation in the early 1990s, with the FEU leading the way in a number of projects which have influenced and developed the role of the firefighter. This year’s conference has gone a long way to improving links even further between our neighbouring countries and will serve as a solid foundation to future work and projects for many years to come.” 

Des Prichard, CFO and Chief Executive of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

“We covered a range of matters ranging from the marking, transportation and emergency response arrangements for hazardous materials, use of geo-data to support incident command and management, funding for EU research projects and the working time directive. Delegates enjoyed lively debate and considered strategies to lobby the European Parliament to promote safety and sustainability initiatives across the EU area, and discussed sharing data and good practice and the benefits of being members of the FEU.”

FEU secretary Finian Joyce

“We took the opportunity to review progress on our Vision 2020 strategy with developments reported in a number of areas such as firefighter safety, the use of social media in emergency management and progress on the EU Civil Protection mechanism. We also learned of the reorganisation of the fire service in Spain and some interesting recent weather-related incidents in Hungary. The conference was an outstanding success with a range of international speakers, and on the final day we visited Highfields Fire Station to see an interesting demonstration of rescue techniques used by Nottinghamshire FRS.”

FEU president Dieter Nuessler

“We had excellent guest speakers and a day dedicated to firefighter safety that was also very informative due to the involvement of competent industry representatives with whom we could also continue exchange of experience during the evening events.”