Tyvek® 600 Plus Coveralls

DuPont™ Tyvek® Classic Plus Coveralls – the Best of Both Worlds

DuPont™ Tyvek® Classic Plus garments (model CHA5a) combine the performance of a Type 4 coverall with the durability, protection and comfort of a Tyvek® suit.

Tyvek® Classic Plus is made of Tyvek®, but the coveralls offer the added benefit of protective design features and over-taped seams. They help provide an effective barrier against many water-based inorganic chemicals in low concentration, small sized hazardous particles and biological hazards. These coveralls are ideal for occupations that require effective whole suit protection offered by a Type 4 suit because they are exposed to heavy liquid aerosols or toxic airborne solid particulates. Yet, being robust and breathable they help offer an ideal balance of chemical, particulate protection and comfort.

Recent update:  new packaging for an improved garment

Enhanced design for increased flexibility and comfort

  • Improved garment fit: extra flexibility and freedom of movement
  • New hood design: optimised to fit the contours of the face, ensuring fewer leakage points during head movement
  • Larger zipper puller: much easier to grasp when wearing gloves.
  • Certified to latest European Standards: including the Type 4 spray test, which is 3x more stringent than its predecessor

New packaging:  Informative and educational

New name and model references: to reflect the product changes   


Tyvek® 600 Plus coverall

This coverall offers ideal protection in work environments where there is risk of liquid splashes as it is equipped with tight taped seams and a high protective barrier.


  • Zip flap and chin flap

    Tyvek® zip fastening and self adhesive zip flap and chin flap for increased protection

  • Elasticated waistband

    Self adhesive elasticated waistband provides a good fit

  • Shape of elasticated hood

    especially designed for tight fit around full face respirator

  • Stitched and overtaped seams

    offering equal barrier as the fabric

  • Stretch rubber thumb loop

    attached to the end of the sleeves. It is to be pulled over the thumbs and ideally suited for overhead work and when extreme arm movements are required, so that it prevents the suit sleeve from riding up. For safety reasons, the use of thumb loops is only recommended when double gloves are worn.

  • Socks attached to the ankles (optional)

    for wearing inside safety boots or shoes, with additional boot flap to ensure increased protection

  • cat-3-new

    Chemical Protective Coverall Category III

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  • type4

    Type 4 – Protection against liquid aerosols

    (Norm: EN 14605)

  • biological

    Type 4B – Biological protection

    (Norm: EN 14126)

  • type5

    Type 5 – Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals

    (Norm: EN ISO 13982-1)

  • type6

    Type 6 – Limited protection against liquid mist

    (Norm: EN 13034)

  • electrostatic

    Electrostatic discharge if properly grounded


    (Norm: EN 1149-5: 2008)

  • radio

    Protection against particulate radioactive contamination

    (Norm: EN 1073-2)

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