Choosing the Correct Type 4 Chemical Protective Coverall

When selecting chemical protective clothing, several factors must be taken into account, such as type of task, nature and concentration of the substance used, but also the best balance between protection and comfort.

Wearing appropriate protective clothing helps to protect people affected by potential contamination with viruses or toxic substances via the skin. While there are many protective coveralls available on the market, not all of them provide the same level of performance, even if they are certified for the same type of protection.


Online tool assists with selection


Given the wide variety of products available, DuPont commitment to support safety does not stop at designing solutions to address specific needs. Specialising in personal protection, DuPont has set up an online training course that can help you when selecting your Type 4 spray-resistant chemical protective clothing.

This new, educational training tool is completely free of charge and directly accessible from here.

Presented in the form of a guide, it should take safety managers and users only five minutes to understand the key criteria for selecting appropriate Type 4 coveralls. The online training course is interactive and particularly relevant for industries using sensitive application methods, where greater protection against liquids and dusts is required and in which allergenic sprays or compounds are used.


Information for your choice


For protection without compromise, DuPont has drawn up a list of five essential criteria that should be considered when you select chemical protective clothing: Seam-type, permeation, abrasion, permeability and CE marking.

With its user-friendly layout, customers are guided through the online mini-training course via two tabs, "criteria" and "explanation". With supporting graphs, illustrations and videos, they determine whether the protective clothing selected is suitable for its intended use.

On completion of the questionnaire, users can download a free, more detailed document on the five key criteria, supplemented by seven additional criteria: certification & quality, resistance to particle penetration, market information, use in cleanrooms, linting, biological and antistatic protection.


A chance to test our coveralls


With this tool, Safety managers also have the opportunity of ordering a free sample of the Tyvek® Classic Plus suit in order to try it and assess its suitability for their need.


Techline, an additional safety offering


For users who seek customised assistance with garment selection, DuPont Personal Protection can offer an extensive, personalised technical service. The Techline service is available to answer technical questions regarding protective clothing. Our team of technicians manage a comprehensive database on physical properties, chemical permeation and penetration data on the materials used in Tyvek® and Tychem® coveralls.