DuPont Ballistic Research Center

Single Window Destination for Customized Armoring Solutions

DuPont  has invested in a world class ballistic research center, first of its kind in private domain in India. This facility is one of the four ballistic research centers operated by DuPont worldwide.

The research center is set up with an objective of developing protection solutions for local needs in Asia Pacific region. It houses solution design, prototype development, solution testing and post testing analytics under one roof, enabling faster development of customized ballistic solutions.

The facility is capable of firing 9 X 19mm FMJ RN, 7.62 X 39mm HSC, 7.62 X 51mm NATO FMJ and 5.56 X 45mm BALL NKM bullets via appropriate barrels. Licenses for 17 grain fragments, .44 REM MAG FMJ and 7.62 X 39mm MSC bullets are also expected soon. The facility is capable of testing body armours and helmets as per all leading test protocols like NIJ, HOSDB, HP White etc. The center is also equipped with a stab and spike tester, along with variety of knives and spikes, enabling testing as per NIJ or HOSDB protocols. Determination of ballistic limit (V50) can also be done.

Apart from a ballistic firing range, the research center is equipped with pilot scale helmets and insert plates manufacturing , using hydraulic presses and autoclave, range of analytics capabilities and above all qualified and experienced ballistic experts.