Tyvek® 40L

New DuPont™ Tyvek® 40L

Applicable for lightweight, low-risk medical device packaging

New Tyvek® 40L offers a lighter weight Tyvek® that’s cost effective for protecting lightweight, low-risk devices. All in a clean peel, low particulate generating material—that's compatible with most major sterilization methods.

The addition of Tyvek® 40L to the family of Tyvek® styles for medical packaging provides an economical and robust Tyvek® option for applications where medical-grade papers are used.

With many of the properties that made Tyvek® a preferred medical packaging material, new Tyvek® 40L offers a new class of Tyvek® that's a cost-effective option for protecting lightweight, low-risk devices.


  • Economical option for lightweight, low-risk devices
  • Reliable protective properties—even after sterilization
  • Protects package integrity from product breakthrough inside and rough handling outside
  • Maintains sterility until point of use—even under rigorous conditions
  • Minimizes risk of device contamination when packages are opened or handled


  • Compatibility with most major sterilization methods; excellent performance with ethylene oxide (EO) and gamma radiation sterilization
  • Puncture and tear resistance during handling and transportation—even in high humidity
  • Strength to resist tearing when opening
  • Clean peel
  • Low particulate generation


Tyvek® 40L can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Catheters
  • Drapes and gowns
  • Surgical gloves
  • Tyvek® 40L Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool

    To unlock the cost savings of Tyvek® 40L, look across your product life cycle.

  • Package Design

    With Tyvek® 40L, there is no need for coating—it can seal directly to peelable film. The strength of Tyvek® 40L can also reduce secondary and tertiary packaging. Optimize your carton and case size by reducing headspace in the carton/box that accommodated package expansion during sterilization, fitting more units per carton/case, and lowering shipping costs.

    Form Fill Seal Production

    Go uncoated—utilize direct seal bottom web materials. Optimize your process by increasing speed, efficiency, and production capacity while reducing shifts. Like other Tyvek® grades, Tyvek® 40L has a continuous filament structure that reduces particulate.

    Handling & Pack-Out

    Tyvek® 40L breathes—this breathability improves pack-out efficiency and speed while eliminating stress on seals. 40L is durable—reduce your risk of damaging top web during handling and pack out (Tyvek® 40L vs. medical grade paper).


    Can Tyvek® 40L optimize your sterilization process? With Tyvek® 40L you can increase vacuum and injection rates, decrease de-gassing time and hold periods and reduce risk of seal creep and failures caused by vacuum cycles (due to breathability). Tyvek® 40L is durable—high humidity levels won’t weaken Tyvek® 40L like they do paper; Tyvek® 40L remains robust.


    Tyvek® 40L has superior durability and mechanical performance vs. medical grade paper. Reduce your risk of shipping damage so there are fewer customer returns, complaints, and recalls. Survive the expanding global distribution environment.

    Health Care Facility & Use

    Performance properties of Tyvek® 40L will withstand the challenges of the health care storage and product handling environment. Tyvek® 40L delivers a clean peel for a positive customer experience and aseptic presentation.

Uses and Applications