Tyvek® 1073B

Durable Medical Device Packaging for Demanding Applications

Tyvek® 1073B provides the highest level of protection, making it the ideal choice for medical device packaging that requires high strength and superior microbial barrier.

Specification Properties Metric

DuPontTM Tyvek® 1073B has the highest strength of all Tyvek® styles for medical device packaging.

High-Strength Protection for High-Risk Products
Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Tyvek® offers exceptional protection against damage for sharp or heavy products, outperforming more fragile alternative materials, such as medicalgrade paper. Its strength helps Tyvek® 1073B protect and maintain the sterility of high-risk medical products, such as artificial hips and heart valves.

In addition, Tyvek® 1073B is compatible with a broad range of manufacturing and sterilization processes, and is a superior microbial barrier, to help preserve sterility during both shipping and storage.

Key Benefits
Tyvek® 1073B provides a range of advantages for medical device manufacturers. These include:

  • High durability to withstand impact during shipping and storage.
  • A superior microbial barrier that helps medical packaging start sterile and stay sterile.
  • Compatibility with many sterilization processes.
  • Clean peel and low risk of packaging contamination.
  • Production under ISO 14001, offering recyclability and support of sustainability programs.
  • Reliable, highquality supply

Sterilization Compatibility

Unlike other materials, Tyvek® 1073B and all Tyvek® styles for medical device packaging are compatible with the most common methods of sterilization, giving medical device manufacturers greater flexibility. These include:

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Gamma
  • Electron-Beam
  • Steam (under controlled conditions)
  • Low temperature oxidative  

Reliable Supply

To meet growing global demand and ensure continuity and flexibility of future supply, DuPont is transitioning manufacturing of Tyvek® 1073B to production lines using the latest flash-spinning technology.

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