Nelson Labs Doing Medical Package Testing for Tyvek® Transition

DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection selected Nelson Laboratories as the independent testing laboratory that will perform the medical package testing for the DuPont™ Tyvek® Medical Packaging Transition Project (MPTP). The MPTP includes a systematic method for generating medical package testing data to prove that the Tvyek® produced using the latest technology is functionally equivalent in performance to the Tyvek® being used today. There are three study components: the U.S. FDA Transition Protocol, the Phantom Protocol and Product Stewardship.

Nelson Laboratories was selected to conduct medical package testing for the U.S. FDA Transition Protocol and the Phantom Protocol because of its breadth of capabilities, excellent quality systems and history of serving the medical device industry.

In addition to Nelson Laboratories, NAMSA will also perform medical package testing for the Phantom Protocol, which includes additional testing of applications that are outside the scope of the Transition Protocol but have been requested by the medical device industry to support risk assessments.

Both Nelson Laboratories and NAMSA are U.S. FDA registered and third-party accredited to ISO 17025.

For more information about Nelson Laboratories being chosen to perform medical package testing to support the MPTP, read this article written by Daphne Allen, Editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News.