Kevlar® Testing & Research at DuPont European Technical Centre

Kevlar®, the original since 1965, is a protective fibre spun at the Kevlar® plant in Maydown, UK, and tested at the DuPont R&D laboratory in Meyrin, near Geneva, Switzerland.

Watch a video featuring documentation of the following tests and research measures:

  • Physical testing (breaking strength, elongation and tenacity)
  • Soxhlet automatic extraction (spin finish, lubricant, sizing agent)
  • Bundesmann rain test (water repellency, absorption, permeability)
  • Microscopy (optical, scanning electronic)
  • Dynamic scaling calorimetry (melting point, glass transition temperature)
  • Thermal gravimetric analysis (decomposition temperature, heat capacity volatiles content)
  • Infrared (polymer identification, sizing agent control)
  • Test sample preparation (industrial scale weaving, fabric cutting, pack stitching, film extrusion, panel moulding)
  • Stab testing for multi-threat protection (HOSDB, NIJ, SK, knife, spike, blunt impact)
  • Ballistic testing (STANAG, NIJ, HOSDB, SK, MIL, backing material conditioning, ammunition preparation, 44 Magnum shot, back face deformation, contact shot, FSP, V50, water immersion, helmet V50, rifle bullets, hard ballistic)
  • Advanced research on ballistics (high-speed camera bullet impact on helmet, numerical simulation)