Inovis™ wallcoverings - Premium Series

DuPont™ Inovis™ Premium Series Paper-based Easy Clean Wallcoverings

The new Inovis™ paper-based wallcoverings are suitable for consumers who like creating a warm and conformable living space. Both the Blossom and Dazzling Collection and the gorgeous Victoria Collection can help you realize the dream of a happy home with beautiful décor.

BLOSSOM COLLECTION - The Blossom collection, with colorful and vivid design styles, presents different flower patterns and motifs with watercolors, pastels, and inks, giving subtle and graceful visual effects creating a warm living space. The blossoming flowers on the wall elaborate the vitality of life. The easy clean wallcovering keeps the flowers patterns looking gorgeous as new for a long time.

VICTORIA COLLECTION - The European designs of this collection are a modern interpretation of classic designs portraying the vintage Victorian era. The patterns resonate the style and looks of old western culture which are soft yet romantic tones, and elevate the living experience, making it comfortable and more beautiful.

DAZZILING COLLECTION - The distinguished designs with gold and silver edgings display an unconventional and soothing lifestyle, brining comfort and brightness to your décor. Let the beauty of life dazzle through your walls with this collection!



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