Inovis™ wallcoverings - Platinum Series

Inovis™ Platinum Series Fabric-based Wallcoverings Blend European Aesthetics and Classical Art

The Platinum series of DuPont™ Inovis™ easy clean wallcoverings integrate the fashion trends from in Europe and America and highlight a distinguished taste.

They are specially designed for consumers fond of European aesthetics and classical art. Generous, beautiful, high-end and fashionable, the wallcoverings create an extraordinary taste for living.

EARTH COLLECTION - The Earth collection reflects natural beauty elements and integrates ripples, green bamboos, plain logs and other natural styles into colors and patterns in the collection, showing exquisiteness and clear designs in a simple and natural style. The solid fabric-based texture and deep embossing process creates unique 3D visual effects and luxurious touch, while maintaining naturalness in appeal. 

GLAMOR COLLECTION - The chic European designs in the Glamor collection bring a gorgeous and elegant feeling to the walls. The textured background and dynamic bright lines exude luxury and liveliness, like an absolute beauty - earnest yet charming, subtle yet refined. 

LINEN COLLECTION - The Linen collection gives a touch of weaving, basic but beautiful. The textured surface is thick which can be felt by touch, making the living space warm and lovely. The fabric texture created using high-end technology combines tradition and art, adding a feeling of grandeur to your rooms. 





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