Inovis™ wallcoverings - Fantasy Series

DuPont™ Inovis™ Fantasy Series Paper-based Easy Clean Wallcoverings

Parents* are you worried about having no space for your children to express their creativity? Now you can put the Inovis™ easy clean Fantasy collection in their rooms to let your child’s imagination run wild on the walls.

* Dear Parents, you no longer have to worry about dirty walls and cleaning them! Fun loving young kids as well as adventurous teenagers can now showcase their happy childhood chapters on the walls and redo them as much as they want.

LE PETIT COLLECTION - The LE PETIT series is specially designed for toddlers. The collection offers fun patterns and bright tones that create a warm and colorful atmosphere for young kids transcending them to a fantasy world. Moreover, the easy clean feature allows children to release their creativity on the walls and lets them flow their imagination to explore endless possibilities of their dreams. Dirty, stained walls be gone!

BON VOYAGE COLLECTION - The BON VOYAGE collection is inspired from journeys and expeditions around the world, meeting the desires of curious young kids and teenagers looking for adventure and exploring the world. The easy clean feature of the wallcoverings offers a space for youngsters to expand their horizons and express their thoughts and build their own future freely. The collection provides a convenient and safe environment for them to create their own travel memoirs on the walls.



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