DuPont™ Inovis™ wallcoverings: Installation Guide 

Please read the installation guide carefully before intalling wallcovering


It is recommended that special environment-friendly wallcovering adhesive be used and operations be performed as per product instructions. Add specified amount of water in a bucket, and then add wallcovering adhesive slowly and fully mix it till there is no agglomeration. After mixing, wait for 20 minutes before use. You can add a little white adhesive in the glutinous rice adhesive to provide better adhesion.

Items to be checked before installation

  • Calculate the consumption of each product type for each room.
  • Check whether the patterns, colors, quantity and quality of materials are consistent with requirements and meet the requirements of design drawings.
  • In case of obvious quality problems found, do not paste and contact the distributor immediately.
  • For pasting of wallcoverings, it is suggested that the model and batch number of the wallcoverings pasted be kept consistent and construction be performed by reel number.
  • Paste the wallcoverings with similar color in one unit. For specific patterns, you may paste them in forward or reverse direction.
  • Requirements for wall surfaces: Before installation, wall surfaces must keep clean, flat and dry. Any existing coatings, objects easy to peel off or painted wall surfaces should be removed and flattened in advance.

Precautions during installation

  • The length of wallcoverings should be cut as per wall height and the requirements of combining patterns. It is suggested that the length be slightly longer than the actual height to facilitate correction up and down.
  • After adhesive is applied evenly on paper, fold the adhesived surface and cure for 15-30 minutes to make the paper fully pre-expand. During installation, adjust the adhesive concentration to ensure even gluing and avoid adhesive overflowing.
  • When wallcoverings are pasted onto wall for combining patterns directly, use a scraper to flatten and remove air bubbles and clean the surface with cleaning sponges, but do not scrub the surface with hard or sharp objects to avoid damage to wallcoverings. If needed, apply adhesive at side seams for reinforcing, but pay attention not to pull the wallcoverings loose.
  • Start installation from one internal corner of the room, make vertical lines to ensure wallcovering is aligned vertically and paste the first wallcovering, then carry out installation in turn in a clockwise order and leave the joint of the last wallcovering at the starting internal corner.
  • In case of any quality problems during installation, stop installation immediately and contact the distributor by showing labels and purchase documents. Paste the paper used for projects in a model house first to confirm whether there is any quality problem, and then conduct pasting in batch by batch number, serial number and reel number.

Precautions after installation

After each wallcovering is pasted, wipe the residual adhesive and dirt on surface with water, but do not let excessive water enter the seams affecting adhesive adhesiveness. After installation is completed, close doors and windows to dry the wallcoverings slowly and prevent them from flaking and peeling. It generally takes 5-7 days for drying.