DuPont™ Inovis™ wallcoverings unveil a new era of home décor


Picture: Cleansing test on Inovis™ wallcoverings

Modern home furnishing begins with choosing the right wallcovering


For modern, urban living, wallcoverings are increasingly becoming the ideal choice for wall decor in homes and office spaces. Bringing elegance to interiors with a neat finish and adding vibrance to the surroundings, wallcoverings appeal to urban consumers for their aesthetics, appearance, convenience and customization. They offer hasslefree installation with no mess and because of these benefits discerning consumers are favoring wallcoverings over conventional interior decoration options.

Choosing the right Wallcovering which is also highly functional.

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Inovis™ wallcoverings Platinum Series

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Pick a genuine functional wallcovering.

Consumers have started considering cleanability of wallcoverings as an important feature while seeking their choice of designs and patterns for wall decor. The biggest concern about cleaning wallcoverings is to be sure whether they come with the superior feature of resistance against dust, water and pollution. A high quality wallcovering is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. So why not choose a wallcovering product that can be easily cleaned and looks new simply by wiping with a wet cloth?

DuPont™ Inovis™ easy clean wallcoverings are made from unique advanced materials, using advanced technology that is characterized by easy cleaning, mildew resistance on surface and scratch resistance. The unique protective layer on the product surface can effectively resist oil stains, drawings, ink or crayon marks, and even makes it possible to clear deep stains with appropriate cleaners. The wallcoverings are really easy to clean and makes it convenient to clean wall surfaces. 

Pick a "healthier" and durable wallcovering.

DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings are durable with good wear and scratch resistance properties. They can effectively prevent surface fading, extending the service life while maintaining newness of the wallcovering for a long time. DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings have reached B1 fire rating, the highest national standard. In addition, our Platinum and Elite wallcovering collections have passed the fungus resistance test by third parties and has been rated Grade 1 mildew proof as its surface does not support mold growth. The products assure you with better safety and hygiene in addition to ample comfort. 

The unique designs highlight your personal style.

The ever-changing trends of wallcoverings has made them more popular in recent years. Varied patterns, vivid designs, materials, textures, and suitable color coordination transform interior decoration and frame the best features of your rooms. DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings are designed based on leading fashion trends in Europe and America. The diverse styles and myriad of designs give consumers more choices that meet different decor requirements including living room, bedroom, study, children's room and even bathroom and kitchen as well as office and commercial spaces. 

DuPont™ Inovis™ brand is derived from over 200 years of DuPont history of bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace. 

Since the invention of Tedlar® material in 1948, by DuPont , it began developing product applications and in the 1960s it commercialized the material that has become the benchmark for the aviation industry by providing excellent safety, easy cleaning, oil resistance, scratch resistance and flame retardance for aircraft interiors. 

In 2015, DuPont launched Inovis™ washable wallcoverings in the market to better meet the increasing needs for high-quality living. DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings apply unique new materials and processing technology and combine science, technology and aesthetics to create comfortable and consistently fresh living environment for you.