DuPont™ Inovis™ easy-clean wallcoverings

DuPont™ Inovis™ easy-clean wallcoverings enable long lasting beauty for home décor

DuPont™ Inovis™ easy clean wallcoverings integrate the current design trends and fashion in Europe and America and provide a variety of exquisite product collections, be it subtle, ornate, lively, abstract, earthy, flamboyant, or hip and cool.

Multiple fabric or paper-based design choices in varied collections give you the options to find styles that best suit your furnishings and highlight your unique taste. The diversified styles and material textures not only are suitable for home decor, but can also be used in public and commercial places like offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and more.

The surface of DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings has a unique dense protective layer of DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film which can effectively resist oil stains and marks. Even tough stains can be removed easily with appropriate cleaners. It is suitable for use in homes as well as commercial spaces. A simple wipe makes the wallcoverings clean so it makes it easy and convenient to clean wall surfaces. 

Since the invention of Tedlar® material in 1948, it has been used in numerous innovative applications. In the 1960s, DuPont™ Tedlar® was used as interior materials for commercial aircraft and has since become the benchmark in the aviation industry providing excellent safety, cleanability, oil resistance, scratch resistance and flame retardance. 

DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings can effectively prevent surface fading, maintain long lasting newness of wall surfaces and extend service life of the wallcoverings due to their excellent wear resistance and scrubbing resistance properties. Time goes by but DuPont™ Inovis™ washable wallcoverings always keep interiors looking fresh and new.


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