Effective Crop Protection Solutions

Effective Crop Protection Solutions for Food Security in India

DuPont India is using science to develop effective crop protection solutions that help farmers improve their productivity and profitability, thus improving livelihoods and moving the nation towards food security.

With food security a key imperative to feeding its growing population, India faces an imposing challenge of increasing its agricultural production. It is as much about growing more per hectares as it is  about protecting what is grown against pests, weeds and diseases.

According to an FAO report, around 25% of India’s current crops are lost to pests (Source: FAO Crop Prospects and Food Situation Report).

How can we make Indian agriculture more productive? How can we eliminate crop wastage? How can we help grow more and waste less?

DuPont India is addressing these questions by bringing advanced science powered solutions that offer a more effective crop protection and help increase farm productivity. Our crop protection solutions help farmers reduce the number of applications and boost farm production and income, thus making agriculture more sustainable and profitable.

We at DuPont believe there is a science to increasing farm productivity, improving agriculture sustainability and strengthening India’s food security. By working collaboratively with local communities, farmers, channel partners, governments and NGOs, we are harnessing The Power of Shunya™ to enable India’s quest for zero – zero unhappy farmers, zero crop waste, and zero hunger.