DuPont™ Ferterra® For Sustainable Rice Crop Protection



West Bengal is often called the rice bowl of the country, and enjoys rich rice bio-diversity. However, according to a study conducted by Rockfeller foundation reveals that seven out of 20 major challenges in rice production are insect, pest and diseases. The average yield losses in rice have been estimated to vary between 21-51 percent, and Stem borer is one of the most dangerous pests in rice causing 25-30% yield losses.


Protecting the rice crop from Stem Borer through sustainable solutions while improving the yield and the quality of the crop has remained one of the biggest challenges for the farmers of West Bengal.


DuPont Ferterra® insecticide is a science driven “local innovation” designed specifically to meet the needs of the Indian farmers. It is sustainable and easy to use granular formulation for rice pest management in India.

When used early in the pest life cycle, DuPont Ferterra® prevents the buildup of pest population and maximizes the crop yield potential. Ferterra® insecticide is powered by active ingredient Rynaxypyr®, which has a unique mode of action; controlling pests resistant to other insecticides while its selectivity to non-target anthropods and conserves natural parasitoids, predators and pollinators.

DuPont Ferterra® is an excellent solution for rice pest management and enables farmers to achieve higher yields and productivity.  DuPont Ferterra® offers remarkably low toxicity to mammals and raises the benchmark for insect control solutions due to its toxicological profile and low use rates.  


DuPont Ferterra® provides an effective and long duration protection from early shoot borer and top borer with its unique mode of action. It allows ease of application and sustainably improves the quality of the rice crop as well as the soil. 

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