Feeding the world with science-based solutions

Every day our planet welcomes 150,000 new people, all of whom naturally require safe, nutritious food. The challenge becomes providing enough food for this vastly growing population with the limited farmland we have.  At DuPont we believe we can find science-based solutions to the global challenge of feeding the world by working with farmers, governments, NGOs, and others to maximize every acre. Together we’re creating better seeds with higher yields and better ways of protecting our crops with advanced crop protection solutions. Our science is being applied to improve the nutritional value of the foods we grow and we’re developing more sustainable food packaging that minimizes waste. We are even helping to establish testing protocols that will ensure what we eat is safe. Collaboration on a global scale is the key to meeting our food security needs. And we’re striving to do so, no matter how many new mouths there are to feed.

 “No one wants to wonder if what they’re eating will make them sick. As part of DuPont Qualicon working with USDA and government agencies around the world, we have been able to provide tools that are useful, globally, in the monitoring of foods.”  

-- Dr. Amy Smith, Technical and Regulatory Specialist, DuPont Qualicon.