Photovoltaic Encapsulants

DuPont ionomer-based encapsulant sheeting for photovoltaics

DuPont ionomer sheets offer long-term durability and performance on a roll, for fast, photovoltaic (PV) encapsulation

DuPont PV ionomer encapsulants deliver long term protection for the most sensitive portions of PV modules. Choosing the right material not only increases module durability and production efficiency, but can also significantly enhance long term power generating efficiency.

DuPont offers two ionomer-based sheeting products, DuPont™ PV 5400 Series and PV8600 Series. Both encapsulants are weather resistant and provide excellent strength, long-term durability, and dielectric properties to PV module manufacturers.

DuPont™ PV5400
Five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than PVB (polyvinyl butyral), DuPont™ PV5400 brings interesting new performance properties to manufacturers of glass/glass PV modules, including exceptional low moisture ingress and electrical properties, proven glass adhesion, and high flow for fast lamination cycles. It is available in convenient roll form for easy handling and fast laminating.

DuPont™ PV8600
Is a modified ionomer-based encapsulant sheet, offers standard ionomer benefits plus improved PID (potential induced degradation) performance and backsheet adhesion for PV modules. Recommended for c-Si glass flex modules.

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