Bill Gambogi

Bill Gambogi - Research Fellow with DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials

Research Fellow, DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials

William Gambogi is a Research Fellow with DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials.  His work focuses on photovoltaic (solar) materials and their impact on solar panel performance and durability.  He has worked at DuPont for more than 25 years and has been involved in several new product developments within the DuPont Electronics and Communications businesses.  He has contributed to over 30 patents and more than 20 technical publications, and regularly delivers technical presentations at international industry events.

Mr. Gambogi earned Bachelors of Science in Physics from Villanova University and Master of Science in Physics from the University of Delaware.  He is based at the DuPont R&D Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

Areas of expertise:

  • Why materials matter in the solar industry
  • Solar panel reliability & durability
  • Backsheet material technology
  • Field research findings on solar panel reliability
  • Solar industry codes and standards
  • Solar technology trends
  • Risk mitigation strategies for rooftop and ground mounted systems
  • Material recommendations for solar installations in harsh climates
  • Accelerated laboratory testing and correlation with field performance

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