WEBINAR: Empowering India's Solar Revolution: How materials matter to the success of solar power

To fuel the growth of solar energy in India, solar energy systems must be "bankable," in this sense meaning systems must be well regarded not only for how much power they produce, but also for how reliably they perform over time. Materials are critical to how these systems perform - they help determine the power output, reliable lifetime and can reduce overall system costs.  Carefully considered material selections can play an important part of mitigating the risk of system failure and premature power degradation. Materials matter to the success of solar energy in India.  And solar can be a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective option compared to alternative forms of electricity, including diesel generators that are used in many remote regions of India.

  • Improve your ability to mitigate risk and to improve financial returns from solar investments
  • Understand the impact of materials selections on the power output and reliability of solar projects
  • Learn how leading companies in the solar industry are collaborating to drive greater growth and adoption of solar energy in India 


Kurt Theorin
New Business Development Director
DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions



Rahul Budhwar
Vice President - Strategy and Business Development
TATA Power Solar