DuPont Specialty Plastics for Medical Devices

When it comes to the healthcare industry, DuPont Performance Polymers offers science-based, high quality thermoplastics.  These thermoplastics are used in the manufacturing of components across various healthcare applications.

Supported by global manufacturing and supply strength, DuPont draws on its long experience across a wide range of capabilities.  This includes materials research, application development, technology, safety, and also regulatory compliance to give expert support to healthcare equipment manufacturers.

The broad range of DuPont thermoplastic products can often provide healthcare equipment manufacturers the ability to select the best material for their specific application requirements.  Further assistance is available by using the DuPont portfolio of Food Contact (FG), Special Control (SC) and Premium Control (PC) grades.  These FG, SC and PC grades are distinguished by a greater degree of testing, manufacturing control and regulatory support.