Workers Safety – Hazard & Solution

DuPont Personal Protection offers a wide range of proven, science-based solutions including some of the most trusted brands in the industry: Nomex® for thermal hazards; Kevlar® for cut and abrasion protection plus ballistic protection for law enforcement and military applications; Tyvek® for dry particulate hazards; and Tychem® for liquid and gas chemical hazards;

Many industrial workers put their health at risk every day – it’s just part of the job. To do their jobs well, they need protection they can rely on and trust. Selecting the appropriate PPE helps prevent injury and inspires confidence.

At DuPont, we combine scientific innovation with material, garment and manufacturing expertise to provide a complete range of high performance PPE clothing that helps protect professionals, and allows them to perform on the task at hand.

In this paper we will discuss about the products which are made from DuPont material which can help in protecting the person from some of the hazards in Iron & Steel plant. These products are the last line of defense for the people working in a steel plant, to eliminate any chance of residual hazard remaining behind even after implementing the best of the Engineering controls, and SOPs.

Every person working in a plant has the right to be protected. Different operations would involve various types of hazard. Choosing the best PPEs for the employees and the contractors on site is not an easy job. There are so many considerations while selecting the right PPE for the people. In case of an accident in the plant site somebody might get hurt. It might never have happened before, or it may never happen but why to put people at risk.

DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA for flame resistant fabrics

Nomex® is an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature resistant meta-aramid fibre that doesn’t melt and drip or support combustion in the air. A key factor in the protection provided by Nomex® is its ability to carbonize and thicken when exposed to intense heat. This typical reaction increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer’s skin and minimizes burn injury, almost comparable to the way a modern car protects its occupants with air-bags.

Nomex® derives its flame resistant properties from its unique structure of aromatic rings and conjugated amide bonds. As this thermal behavior is obtained by its molecular structure and not by applying a flame retardant chemical substance to the fabric, yarn, fibre or polymer, Nomex® offers permanent protection, which cannot be washed out or worn away.

Nomex® used in personal protective clothing responds to a wide variety of industrial end uses. From offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries to electrical utilities, electricians and foundries, wearers have found reliable and trusted solutions in the Nomex® garments, whether their hazards are flash fire, fire, explosion, electric arc, molten metal splashes, static discharge, chemical splashes or low visibility.

Fires are unpredictable. A situation can change in an instant. And when that happens, workers need to be protected — against fire or molten metal splashes. Nomex® IIIA fabric is a blend of 93 percent Nomex® fiber, with 5 percent Kevlar® fiber added for break-open resistance and 2 percent P140 added for improved antistatic performance. Workers wearing garments of Nomex® IIIA benefit from lighter fabric weights that increase comfort and coolness, breathable fabrics that enable air flow to transfer heat away from the body, and wicking that rapidly spread moisture on the fabric surface to increase evaporation and cooling.

The para orientation on the benzene ring allows the formation of rod-like molecular structures-reason of high strength and low elongation of the Kevlar®.
Schematic representations of a Nomex® molecule.
Kevlar® based gloves protect workers while handling sheets with sharp edges, from heat & burns while handling hot objects.

Benefits of Nomex® coverall
- Permanent heat and flame protection.
- Do not melt or drip when exposed to fire
- Durability and long wear life.
- Ease of wash and care.
- Light weight; Breathable and Transports Moisture – all these makes Nomex® very comfortable to wear
- Resistance to most chemicals.

Applications of Nomex®
- Protection against Fire – Nomex® based single layer or multilayer garments are used by workers, fire-fighters & first-responders.
- Protection against Molten Metal splashes / Welding splatters – Nomex® based multilayer garment protects worker from heat of molten metal splashes/ welding splatters.
- Protection against Electric Arc – Nomex® based garments to protect against deadly electric arc incidents

DuPont™ Kevlar® for thermal, cut, and abrasion protection, with a comfortable fit

Workers depend on their skills to get the job done safely. More importantly, they depend on their hands to put those skills to work. Innovative gloves made with Kevlar® fiber helps protect them for the job at hand.

Versatile and strong, Kevlar® fiber is more than just a series of threads. DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers are used in a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment to help make them safer and more durable. With five times the strength of steel based on an equal weight basis, it’s the go-to fiber for protective apparel and accessories.

Kevlar® brand fiber provides strength at high temperatures, which makes it appropriate for gloves and mittens used in high-heat applications. Unlike nylon, polyester and polyethylene, gloves, mittens and sleeves made of Kevlar® fiber are inherently flame-resistant so they won’t burn, support combustion, or melt—making them a smart choice for those who encounter high levels of heat on the job. Automotive, steel, glass, and metal workers as well as welders and foundry employees around the world use gloves and apparel made of Kevlar® fiber.

Kevlar® products and safety gloves offer the following safety and comfort benefits:

- Provide increased dexterity and a highly accurate sense of touch
- Thinner, lighter, more form-fitting than most conventional protective gloves
- Enhance flexibility necessary for handling small objects
- Improve grip when working with oil, greasy or wet parts
- Retain their shape, strength, cut resistance and thermal properties through repeated washings and prolonged wear
- Incorporate thermal protection
- Help in the prevention of accidents and injuries
- Increases on-the-job safety and efficiency

Applications of Kevlar®

- Protection against cut and bruises – Kevlar® based gloves protect workers while handling sheets with sharp edges

- Protection against handling hot objects – Kevlar® based thermal gloves protect workers from heat & burns while handling hot objects.

DuPont Tyvek® Protective Apparel for Industrial Workers

DuPont™ Tyvek® is a versatile non-woven material made of ultra-fine, continuous fibres of high-density polyethylene that are flash spun using the DuPont patented process and heat-bonded into a truly unique fabric.

Whether performing asbestos abatement, cleaning up after a spill, handling pharmaceuticals or applying insulation, every worker deserves protection, even from the particles they can’t see. Tyvek® is an effective barrier to a wide range of liquids and particles and fibres down to 1 micron in size with built-in protection that can’t be worn away like some other protective materials. Our Tyvek® coverall is engineered to maximize protection, minimize contamination of processes and offer a comfort-fit design for more flexibility and to reduce the number of rips and tears. So surround your people with the material that provides an ideal balance of comfort, durability and protection for tough jobs: DuPont™ Tyvek®.

Tyvek® clothing offers the following safety and comfort benefits:

- Repels water-based liquids and low-level liquid aerosols and dust particles.
- Permeation barrier to commonly used low concentration water-based chemicals (moderately concentrated chemicals).
- Blocks particles and fibres down to 1 µm due to its structure of extremely fine, continuous fibres
- Extremely low linting, antistatically treated, and silicon free
- Extremely tough, tear and abrasion resistant to rely on protection in use
- Permeable to air and water vapour and flexible

Tyvek® range of products delivers inherent barrier protection in garments that are tough yet extremely light and soft.

DuPont™ Tychem® Protective Apparel for Industrial Workers

DuPont™ Tychem® offers comprehensive protection against chemical hazards.

When you wear Tychem® protective clothing, you know you’re protected from a wide range of hazardous liquids and particulates. Because it’s a genuine article, extensively tested by DuPont scientists and engineers.

We test Tychem® protective clothing against a broad range of hazardous chemicals to determine safe permeation levels for fabrics exposed to these types of threats. Permeation occurs when a chemical is absorbed until it saturates one side of the material and then desorbs, or diffuses, to the other side of the material. By developing fabrics that pass these tests, DuPont helps protect emergency response personnel and industrial workers.

Tychem® protective clothing offers the following safety and comfort benefits:

- Both chemical and biological hazard protection
- Innovative design features to provide increased protection and enhanced comfort
- Lightweight to help workers to perform at their best
- Robust: maximizing protection in use
- Disposable via standard means due to lack of halogen compounds
- CE Certified range of garments and accessories


DuPont continues to develop innovative high performance fibers - working with manufacturers and designers to develop materials that can be used to protect people and equipment, and lower carbon footprint

By collaborating with industries, communities, and governments, we can engineer and offer the latest personal protective equipment solutions that can help keep workers safe while they continue changing and improving the world.