Nustar® Fungicide

Nustar® Fungicide for Rice Disease Control

DuPont™ Nustar® fungicide is a potent inhibitor of sheath blight for rice disease control. It also inhibits powdery mildew in grapes, sheath blight in rice, powdery mildew in chillies and scab in apple.

Flusilazole 40 EC

DuPont™ Nustar® (flusilazole 40 EC) fungicide, is a systemic fungicide effectively used to control rice disease like sheath blight in rice.

Nustar® fungicide exhibits contact and residual activity hence inhibits fungal growth for a longer period. It rapidly penetrates the plant system and waxy plant surfaces to control the rice diseases. The inhibition of the enzyme stops the formation of sterols and fungus growth. The presence of silica in Nustar® helps in stronger binding with the target site and progressive movement in the plant.

Recommentation for Nustar®

Nustar® fungicide takes 2-3 applications in the interval of 7-10 days to control the rice diseases. Recommended by NRCG, Nustar® displays attributes that makes it completely safe for animals, applicators and crop. It inhibits fungal growth at all stages and facilitate farmers to enjoy healthy crop with good yield.

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