Jawaa™ Insecticide

Jawaa™ Insecticide for Rice Pests

DuPont™ Jawaa™ insecticide is a new insect control agent to control stubborn rice pests. It effectively controls green leaf hoppers and white back plant hoppers for long durations.

Buprofezin 25% SC

DuPont™ Jawaa™ (buprofezin 25% SC) insecticide, is effective in controlling rice from damaging plant hoppers.

Jawaa™ insecticide is an insect control agent that contains Buprofezin as an active ingredient. When sprayed in the beginning of the occurrence of brown plant hopper (BPH), it stops BPH growth in its tracks. Hoppers may live for 3-5 days but they cannot damage the crop. Jawaa™ also controls green leaf hoppers and white back plant hoppers effectively.

Jawaa™ insecticide inhibits moulting of nympths and larvae, leading the rice pests to death. It also suppresses oviposition by adult pests and forces the treated insects to lay sterile eggs, hence preventing the rice pests to multiply.

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