Almix® Herbicide

Almix® Herbicide for Weed Management in Rice

DuPont™ Almix® is a pre and post emergent modern herbicide for weed management in rice. It controls the weeds that stifle the growth of the rice crop for a longer period.

DuPont™ Almix®

DuPont™ Almix® (metsulfuron methyl 10% + chlorimuron ethyl 10% WP) herbicide, is effectively used for weed management in rice. Almix® works at a very low dosage of 8 gm/acre. Its flexibility of use as pre-emergent, post-emergent and for direct seeded rice makes it an obvious choice for rice growers across the country.

Almix® works through both contact and residual soil activity, hence provides weed management in rice for a longer period. Almix® is also not prone to volatilization and does not harm adjacent crops like mustard, vegetable, fruit crops, cotton, castor, etc. unless it’s directly sprayed on them.

Almix® is easy to apply and safe to handle. It controls a wide range of broad leaf weeds and sedges, which are present in rice field as Cyperus iria, C. difformis, Fimbristylis, Eclipta alba, Ludwigia, Palviflora, Cyanotis axillaris, Monochoria Vaginalis, Marsilea quadrifoliata.

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