Algrip® Herbicide

Algrip® Herbicide for Weed Control in Wheat

DuPont™ Algrip® is a selective, systemic broad leaf weed control product for wheat crop.


Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WG

DuPont™ Algrip® (metsulfuron methyl 20% WG) herbicide, is a post emergent herbicide for broad leaf weed control in wheat crop. It belongs to the sulfonylurea group of herbicides from DuPont. At a very low dosage of 8gm/acre, Algrip® herbicide provides control of wide range of broad leaf weeds in wheat crop.

What really sets Algrip® herbicide apart is that it is safe to the animals, farm workers and most importantly, wheat crop, resulting in healthy earheads with wholesome grains thus securing strong yields. Algrip® herbicide exhibits both contact and residual soil activity which is why it’s effective for a longer period.

Recommentation for Algrip®

Algrip® is a perfect herbicide for weed control in wheat as it protects the crop from obstinate weeds such as Chenopodium album, Melilotus indica, Medicago spp, Rumex martimus, etc. Unlike traditional products for weed control in wheat, Algrip® herbicide is safe to handle, mixes easily, and is not prone to volatilization, hence doesn’t harm adjacent crops unless sprayed directly.

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