Wheat Protection

Crop Protection from Weeds in Wheat Production

Wheat is one of the oldest cereals and the most critical crop consumed in the world. For successful wheat production, weather conditions, weeds control solutions and the market plays a very important role.

DuPont Crop Protection in India is committed to integrating technologies and solutions in the lifecycle of wheat crop to protect it from the wide range of weeds, which are a major threat to successful wheat production in India.

DuPont Crop Protection partners with farmers to create dependable, sustainable products that improve productivity and profitability in wheat production. Our experts collaborate with growers to help identify the best solutions, and make the most of their farming investment and endeavors.  
DuPont understands that wheat crop protection is necessary to provide food security to India, which is why we take inspiration from the various problems faced by farmers in wheat production. Our solutions not only facilitate timely management of weeds, insects and diseases, but also empower farmers to overcome heavy losses incurred.

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