Vegetable Protection

Crop Protection for Vegetable Cultivation

DuPont Crop Protection assists Indian farmers by providing easy to use, comprehensive control agents to protect their crops from all the harmful pests likely to be encountered in vegetable ecosystem.

Vegetable cultivation is the major constituent of the business plan of Indian farmers. Vegetables like tomato, potato, cabbage and eggplant are all important components of Indian diet.  However there are several weeds, insects and diseases that limit the productivity of the crop and affect the profit.  

This is why DuPont Crop Protection in India is focused on integrating a wide range of extensively researched, proven and tested insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, to control all major insects, diseases and weeds affecting the valuable vegetable crops.

The innovative line up of DuPont control agents like DuPont™ Lannate® insecticides for tomato, and DuPont™ Equation® Pro, DuPont™ Curzate® for potato and other major vegetable crops facilitate the effective pest management and make vegetable cultivation a profitable, sustainable and rewarding operation for farmers.

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