Vigro-S™ for Seed Treatment in India

DuPont™ Vigro–S™ is a seedling growth enhancer developed through proprietary biotechnology that provides additional nourishment to the seedlings, which is essential for quick emergence and vigorous growth.

DuPont™ Vigro–S™ is a new generation seedling growth enhancer for seed treatment that contains a unique and balanced combination of hydrolyzed proteins, peptides, amino acids, organic acids and biologically activated supplements.

Vigro–S™ is formulated specifically for seed treatment to improve seedling emergence and vigour through synergistic effect of its components. Seed coating with Vigro–S™ provides additional nourishments to the seedlings.

It activates the enzyme required for hydrolysis of the seed storage substances and accelerates the cell division and elongation, which leads to quicker growth of cotyledons and radicles and faster germination.

Seed treatment with Vigro–S™ enables seedlings to enjoy larger root systems, and increased growth of root hairs, resulting in better uptakes of nutrients and water. Furthermore, it provides enhanced tolerability towards biotic and abiotic stress.

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