Magister® Insecticide

Magister® Insecticide for Tea Pests

Magister® 10% EC is a highly effective insecticide (acaricide/miticide) based on an active ingredient Fenazaquin for effective control of tea pests.

Fenazaquin 10% EC

Magister® (fenazaquin 10% EC) miticide, provides superior control of tea pests like nymphs and adult mites that cause irreversible damage to the valuable crop. It possesses excellent contact activity against the target mite species especially those infesting tea, chillies, okra, brinjal, tomato and apple.

Magister® insecticide exhibits true ovicidal activity, preventing hatching of tea pests and gives superior residual control for a longer period. It is also relatively safe for beneficial / predatory mites such as Phystoseiulus spp, amplyeius spp. and Agistemus spp, which help in the reduction of mite population.

Also what sets Magister® apart is its ability to show compatibility with insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators applied in tea gardens.

Magister® is a registered trademark of Gowan Company LLC.

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