Equation® Pro Fungicide

Equation® Pro Fungicide for Crop Diseases

DuPont™ Equation® Pro fungicide is a preferred choice to inhibit crop diseases due to its multiple site of action, long duration of disease control and low PHI.

Famoxadone 16.6% + Cymoxanil 22.1% SC

DuPont™ Equation® Pro (famoxadone 16.6% + cymoxanil 22.1% SC) fungicide, is a systemic and contact fungicide meant for controlling fungal crop diseases.

Equation® Pro fungicide is one of the most preferred fungicide among vegetables and fruits farmers because of its unmatched efficacy against crop diseases and other attributes contributing towards production of quality produce. It controls diseases completely and its antisporulent and spore killing activity also checks further disease spread. It gives dual protection to the crops as it rapidly penetrates into foliage and helps resist wash-off and weatherability to ensure healthy and quality produce.

Recommentation for Equation® Pro

Equation® Pro fungicide exhibits longer duration of control and provides 7-14 days of protection from various crop diseases such as late blight in potato and downy mildew in grapes and early and late blight in tomato.

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