Cotton Protection

Protection for Cotton Cultivation

Cotton is one of the most cultivated crops in India, with great economic importance attached to it. However, its susceptibility to insects and diseases also makes it the most vulnerable commercial crop for Indian farmers.

DuPont Crop Protection in India is focused on arriving at new-age solutions for cotton cultivation, helping farmers combat the several species of insects that attack and destroy this valuable commercial crop.

DuPont incessantly works towards creating new insecticides and seed enhancers to improve the cotton yields, and providing sustainable solutions to the farmers involved in cotton cultivation  to inhibit serious diseases such as wilt and boll rot. The various cotton protection products introduced by DuPont seamlessly work at all stages of the crop, preventing the buildup of pest population and maximizing the crop yield potential.

The DuPont Crop Protection research facility brings to the table a series of solutions to fight against insect attacks that impact cotton cultivation. However, the solutions are not restricted to a wide range of insecticides, but go further to find new generation naturally derived seeding growth enhancers that provide additional nourishment to the seedlings, essential for quick emergence and vigorous growth.



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